Development of a country depends in part from the quality of infrastructure. Establishment
of quality infrastructure and other constructions in the form of dams, highways, railways
/metros, power plants as well as industries and housing is critical to developing countries.
This is quite important for the country as well as for the agencies involved in execution of
these projects and are looking to complete at faster pace including viability and returns.
This requires, between others, the substitution of the construction materials like cement
and steel with high performance and energy efficient materials.
Recent advancements in nanotechnologies have been magical and are responsible for
innovative synthesis of new engineering materials. The new materials and composites
developed have been convincingly deployed in challenging engineering and scientific
applications to resolve visibly impossible assignments.
Zoz GmbH, Germany, is an innovative company in Europe leading in processes associated
with mechanical alloying, high energy milling and reactive milling.
Prof. Henning Zoz, inventor of the Simoloyer Technology and Director, Zoz GmbH, is the
main guest of this meeting and will speak on advanced processing of nanostructured
materials, with particular emphasis on production of high-performance cement having fast
curing time and strength.
This meeting will be especially appealing for advanced research and expertise within
NanoAlb as well as for local companies that have interest in the use of new advanced
nanomaterials and technologies related to the field of construction (cement, concrete, etc.),
based on nanomaterials and nanotechnology. We are looking to establish fruitful
collaborations between the various research groups of NanoAlb and industries based on the
presentations of expertise, expression of the proper needs /problems and interest. The
workshop will establish future collaborations with mutual interest academy-industry for a
better driving of the R&D capabilities toward society needs.

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