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recent TV-report about Zoz Group, Hydrogen and FuturBeton: (in German only)


Horizon2020: “Make more with less!” – Prof. Dr. Zoz about renewable energies


Welcome to the website of Zoz Group – where competences match.

Zoz Group headquartered at Wenden/Germany with representatives in 11 and subsidiaries in 5 countries manufactures and supplies Mechanical Process Engineering Equipment and manufactures and supplies with insofar own equipment Nanostructured Materials from powders, layers and bulk parts to magnetic filters, batteries, hydrogen-drives with H2 solid state absorber tanks incl. vehicles. Affiliated companies serve E- and E-H2-mobility, entertain a ZEV-Auto-Fleet, maintain buildings and operate a public technology center and student’s dormitories, solar energy- fuelcell- and electrolyzing plants, a tour operator as well as sailing and aircraft operations.

Zoz Group
D-57482 Wenden (Germany)